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Micro Welding Services


In a field where precision is paramount, our team of Class A micro dimensional welders can place and form welds in complex shapes and sizes within specified tolerances, preventing, controlling, and eliminating distortion. Our team of micro dimensional welders use an extremely low-amp micro TIG welder, a micro scope and have the ability to use welding wire as small as 0.003″. They have the manual dexterity, surgeon-like steadiness, patience, creativity and an artistic ability required to visualize and create complex, 3-D geometric shapes.

Across a variety of industries, today’s technology development allows components to continue to shrink and materials to become more varied- Micro Arc continues to be committed to maintaining a regimented program for updating knowledge on new materials.


Micro Arcs’ knowledge of and experience in Metallurgy are unmatched. Our micro welders have experience with common tool steels (S-7, 420 SS, H-13, P-20, etc), problematic tool steels (A-10, D2, 440 C, etc) and non-ferrous metals. Knowledge of the effects of pre-heating and post-heating the materials is essential as variations in these processes may have dramatic effects on the weld longevity and stresses to the welded piece. Our micro dimensional welders work with various plating types, nitriding, and other surface treatments. Even high-polished and textured surfaces can be duplicated after welding

micro welding services