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Westminster Tool

Dear Micro-Arc Team,

We are pleased to select your team as Westminster Tool’s Vendor of the Year for 2022. Every year, we review all of our suppliers and judge them based on the following criteria:

  1. Customer service
  2. Responsiveness time
  3. Flexibility in solving challenges
  4. Commitment to helping us deliver our value proposition

Throughout 2022, the team at Micro-Arc has consistently delivered on all levels and allowed us to deliver true manufacturing solutions that exceed our customer’s expectations. A handful of team members at Westminster Tool have noted your ability to exceed our own expectations.

“Micro-Arc’s ability to be flexible in lead time/quick turnaround has been vital to the successful delivery to one of our main suppliers. They consistently provide high quality-work in a short lead time, and I’m grateful to have them as a trusted supplier.”

“The team at Micro-Arc not only bailed me out once, but twice in one day! They allowed me to hangout after dropping the part off for quick turn around and saved me an extra drive to pick-up the part. It was a super quick turnaround time, and they are also so kind!”

“We wouldn’t have been able to meet our delivery for a key component if it wasn’t for Micro-Arc. We had a key customer who had lead-time as first priority, and their team was extremely flexible and proactive to helping us achieve the delivery date our customer requested.”

These are a few instances where your team has created raving fans throughout our organization. Although we strive for perfection, the support we received during these high-stress challenges and tough situations is how we define excellent customer service.
As 2023 continues, I look forward to our continued collaboration and wish you the best of luck. We are grateful to have your constant support and to have you as a trusted vendor.
We hope you enjoy the plaque, gift bags for your team members, and look forward to working alongside you for the years to come.
With kind regards,

Colby Slater Coombs I 5 East Parkway, Plainfield CT 06374 I (860) 564-6966