Micro TIG and Laser Welding

What do you think of, when you think of micro-laser & TIG welding?

You’re thinking forty-thousandths of an inch, right? We’ll do that too, but we’re talking about three-thousandths of an inch, the diameter of a human hair. That’s the kind of precision we do at Micro Arc Welding.

We frequently have new clients say things like “But this tube, sheet, tab, wire, pin, etc. is too small or thin to weld, right?’ Well, it’s possible, but not usually. When you work with points as thin as a human hair, you can control things like heat and placement with an extreme accuracy. We achieve precise fusion of metal surfaces at the scale of a human hair.

Big difference…

Micro TIG and Laser Welding

Micro Arc Welding fills a niche for the companies that need a human touch.

We work one-on-one with clients to get what they want and need for their specific jobs. We’re the company you call when other companies won’t even quote your job. Specialty jobs are our specialty. Micro Arc can take your project from design to function. We can redesign a piece that isn’t functioning properly. We can design and create complex products for our clients because we understand the whole business (molding, repairs, design, welding). We can develop any part and know where to save our customers money.

We’re a crucial part of your design chain. If you have a part that’s not suitable for mainstream welding (an odd shape or small or complex), we’ll make that part, we can work miracles with our hands. If you have a part that’s difficult to make, we will give it the attention needed to make it work correctly. If you have a part that is not working correctly, whether it has cracks or it was welded with bad material or it’s just not working and the problem is unclear, we find the cure to whatever the problem may be.

If your research and development engineers designed a product, but you don’t have the machines to create it, you can outsource the product development to Micro Arc. We’ll create the prototype for you. “We hear it all the time, ‘I didn’t know you guys did that kind of welding.’ That’s what we want you to know: “We’re not a 9 to 5 company. We work with customers on deliveries, according to their needs. We can get things done when you need it done.”

Micro Arc Welding manages to supply a mix of competitive-costing and low volume, high critical utility applications. So, if you’re coming out with a complicated product, and the quantities you’re going to be producing are still too low, they really can’t go to ultra-cheap manufacturing. It needs to be an engineered product with extremely accurate tolerances. There may be some problems to solve along the way, yet Micro Arc manages to do all of that in a cost effective, competitive fashion, so the product can be manufactured. Micro Arc enables clients to manufacture their products for that limited production run.

Medical Device
Defense & Military
R & D
Low-Volume Production
Tool & Die
Oil & Gas


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Start with Micro Arc Welding

If you need premium devices with no room for failure, start with the highly skilled people at Micro Arc Welding. They are an integral partner in a company’s manufacturing supply chain. Micro Arc can repair, develop, or rework parts, molds, devices, or tooling. Keep Micro Arc Welding’s number close at hand because they have the knowledge, experience, and connections to find solutions for even your most difficult problems.

It’s a Herculean feat to produce something with complexity and quality at a reasonable cost, but that’s what Micro Arc does on a daily basis.

Recently, Anthony Pinto from Raytheon worked with Micro-Arc to fix a broken tab on a critical device, a device we can’t tell you what it is. The company who made the tab couldn’t fix it, so they called Micro-Arc. The $800,000 module was up and running in no time.

Do you have a design idea?
You don’t have the machinery to put it together?

Micro Arc can help. Recently, Micro Arc worked with a company who had a design for a rocket, but that’s it. Because Micro Arc has a long history in the machining business, we’ve developed relationships with other companies in the industry, creating a unique team of professionals, artists and experts in the business, who we can outsource to for part of the manufacturing production line. Micro Arc was able to bring the rocket design to fruition. Do you need to bring a part back to spec? Micro Arc can help.

When you call Micro Arc Welding, you’ll have access to

  • Over 40 years of experience—the oldest micro welding shop in the country
  • both laser and tig welding and spot welding
  • personalized attention and interaction, working hand-in-hand with the manager
  • a Boston-based business with many local, national, and international connections
  • a company who will do a job that other companies won’t even quote
  • need-based hours on work and deliveries—Micro Arc is not a 9 to 5 company
  • welding artists who are passionate about the work they do
  • people who understand the whole business and can develop any part and save the customer money

Services Provided:

  • Machining
  • Full-turnkey projects
  • Engineering—design and repair
  • High-end specialty parts sourcing
  • Needles
  • Wire
  • Filter screens
  • Full spectrum of alloys: stainless steel, nickel, steels, titanium, aluminum

Low Volume Production

Parker Hannafin Corporation had a design problem in one of the parts on an airline engine. It would cost a fortune and years of FFA approval to get that part redesigned, so instead, Micro Arc fixed the part, saving them time and money.

Medical Pipette

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When you start with Micro Arc Welding, you get an integral partner to your supply chain with access to professional, personalized service.

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