Industries Served

Serving a Variety of Industries Worldwide

Our team is called upon by an incredibly diverse group of industries. These companies, from all over the world, all share one common goal:

Get the problem fixed and get it fixed fast!

At Micro Arc Welding, our specialty is getting our clients back on line as quickly and efficiently as possible. Sometimes after we take a look at the problem presented to us, we find even BETTER solutions that end up saving the company money.

We are grateful to our clients and the trust they put in us and their projects.

two engineers working in oil and gas industry, refinery in background

Oil and Gas

Engineering and procurement contractors in the oil and gas industry have identified Micro Arc Welding as a key strategic resource when faced with extremely difficult welding projects. Micro Arc works with advanced welding technologies, resolving oil and gas industry issues.


Micro Arc Welding is proud to have a history of working on unique projects related to our nation’s defense. These projects, while often confidential, have covered a broad range of subject areas. Our expertise in laser and TIG welding have supported the armed forces of the United States of America and helped to keep expensive and complicated military equipment up and running in extreme conditions.

modern industrial machine operator working in metal industry factory


Micro Arc has the skills, technology and experience to handle nearly any welding job. Top manufacturers from all over the world have sought out our team during critical times in both prototype development and supply chain delays. Micro Arc will do whatever it takes to get your manufacturing line back running and producing the products that make your company successful.

operating room with modern equipment, medical

Medical Device Industry

Every year, the medical device industry pushes the envelope in both innovation and use of materials. As expert micro laser welders, Micro Arc has saved medical equipment manufacturers both time and money by offering innovative techniques for laser welding for manufacturing line essentials, prototype designs and existing high value equipment. All with the expertise and professionalism of a world class organization dedicated to returning clients back to the job at hand.