Micro Arc’s Story

Scott Malkasian, founder

Scott Malkasian, Founder

Micro Arc’s experience, knowledge, and personal attention: A history you can depend on.

With 40 years of experience, Micro Arc is the oldest micro welding shop in the country. Our organic movement into multiple and varied industries sets us apart and makes us an integral partner for a company’s manufacturing supply chain. We use laser and tig welding, as well as spot welding. Clients receive a tremendous amount of personalized attention and interaction and can talk to our welder or manager directly. We work one-on-one with our clients to develop or redesign the parts they need.

How did Scott Malkasian, founder, and Micro Arc Welding, become a trusted partner for big and small companies across multiple industries? Because Scott has a long history with tool and die, moldmaking, and welding, learning every part of the business from the ground up. Right after Scott graduated from high school, he started working in his dad’s tool and die shop, at first running errands and then machining, and eventually becoming an apprentice moldmaker. Even before that, the one area Scott was drawn to above the rest was welding. He even created his own make-shift shop in his parent’s house when he was a teenager. “Luckily, I didn’t burn the house down,” says Scott, “but I was drawn to the process and loved creating things with metal.”

One day in 1983, while making a delivery to a shop in Rhode Island, he saw micro welding in action. Contrary to welding jobs that came with a big helmet and often performed in trenches, micro welding happened in a clean-room environment with maple-top desks, track lighting, no helmets, and working under a microscope. “I thought, wow, this is a different type of welding than I ever thought existed,” says Scott. Seeing that setup helped Scott decide a path for himself. There was something about melting metal and creating things with his hands that spoke to his artistic side. “I was instantly intrigued, so I bought an old TIG welding machine (laser didn’t exist back then) from Jimmy Donovan in Rhode Island and set myself up with a bench, the welder, argon bottles, torches, a spyglass so I could see, and anything else I needed. Micro wire didn’t exist at this point, so at first, Scott had to grind his own wire, but, eventually, Donovan connected him with a company who could make micro wire for Scott to use. Basically self-taught, Scott started micro welding for his dad’s tool and die shop.

Scott’s micro welding business benefited from his dad’s tool and die shop in another important way. Scott continued to use the same work ethic his father taught him: Work with your hands to guarantee the job is done right, make sure every detail is done to specifications, and provide a fast turn-around for your clients. It’s how his dad did business, so naturally it’s how Scott does business. The other advantage to Scott’s long history with all parts of production is that he had a front-row seat to the issues that come with design changes. Since mold parts could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to create, Scott knew design changes had to happen after production and he knew how to get the job done. Scott could redesign or fix a part that wasn’t working in the original design, saving his clients a lot of money. This new service in Massachusetts changed everything for local companies. Instead of sending these types of issues to Rhode Island, they started sending them to Scott. He ended up getting so much work that he had a tough time keeping up with it. It wasn’t until the first non-tool-and-die job came in that Scott decided to start Micro Arc Welding. A moldmaker screwed up the mold for a firearms job. When the arms company asked Scott for help, he knew that he had a business that could provide a huge service to multiple industries. From there he started hiring more people and moved into production manufacturing, working with medical devices and aerospace parts, to name a few.

Micro Arc fills a niche between the automated and semi-automated production, that place where you still need the human touch to get it right. Micro Arc specializes in the highly critical quality control at a low to med-low production. It’s because of Scott’s expertise and dedication to his clients that Micro Arc Welding has become a trusted partner for local and global companies. Here are just a few of our clients:

  • the Gates Foundation, developing parts for a battery
  • the engineers at SpaceX and NASA, making parts for rocket engines
  • Westfall Technik?, micro welding small tubes
  • Parker Hannafin Corporation, making parts for airline engines
  • Raytheon Technologies, making a part for the computer module on the Patriot Missile battery
  • Vita Needle Company, JSX, Textron, and Proctor and Gamble

Because of Scott’s relationship with these companies, when McGraw Hill needed a micro welder to write a couple of chapters in a manufacturing book that is distributed throughout the world, they were told to contact Scott. Scott’s knowledge and experiences with laser and TIG welding are now available for the benefit of all. “Because we’ve been in the business for so long, clients feel comfortable working with us over someone else,” says Scott. “They know that we watch every step while the product is getting made to make sure each item is done correctly.” Scott’s long history with the manufacturing world has made Micro Arc Welding the logical choice when companies have critical applications, in low to mid volume, and need competitive pricing. Micro Arc is the miracle you’re looking for. Make Micro Arc Welding an integral part of your supply chain.


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Scott Malkasian
Founder and CEO

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Production Manager