Celebrating 30 years

“Thank you to all of our loyal customers for the last 30 years.
Truly, we appreciate your confidence.”

Scott, Jeff, Steve, Kyle, Alicia & Shannon

Micro laser welding with ScottMicro Arc Welding was one of the first companies ever to specialize in Micro TIG and Micro Laser (LIG) welding. We develop high-quality solutions for industries globally, including medical device, R&D, prototype development, tool and die, aerospace, defense, energy, automotive, and many more. You’ll find our work everywhere you look.

In practice, there are still very few companies who can perform the high-precision work we do. Micro Arc continues to set the trends by which other micro welding companies globally set their standards.

The story of how we became known for “small work on a global scale” is told in this great article from The Fabricator magazine.

Our customer’s needs are our top priority. Micro Arc’s expert team works closely with you to understand your requirements, while providiing the best advice for your project. We deliver the highest quality parts with the fastest turnaround times in the industry!

We’re excited about what’s ahead. New techniques and advancing technology are expanding opportunities for all of us. We’re proud to continue growing our reputation as a leader, known globally for always advancing the industry,.

At 30, we can say for sure that this is the work we were born to do!

Micro TIG & LIG — When Size Matters On a Global Scale

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